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Employee Access Cards for POS with Magnetic Swipe (5 Cards Pack)

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Product Overview

5 Cards Magnetic Swipe Employee POS Access Cards Adelo/pcAmerica Encoded HiCo Track 2
Work with Most POS System:
  • Quantity: 5 cards
  • Material: Graphic quality 100% PVC
  • Size: standard credit card - CR80
  • Thickness: 30 mil
  • High coercivity magnetic stripe
  • Superior quality
  • Vision inspected
  • Printed Black and white Color
  • Track 2 HiCo

The cards are tested with the following POS system:

  • Aldelo POS
  • pcAmerica POS CRE/PRE
  • Soft Touch POS
  • Aloha POS
  • Maitre'D POS

**If your POS system is not listed on this list, before you buy the cards please contact your POS vendor and ask if they use track 2 encoding. We use 9 digits unique encoding for each card. 

We use 9 digits unique encoding on this cards.
This Cards are ready to use just log in to your POS System and swipe the card to activate.


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