Diversey D7524179 Hybrid Intellicare Dispenser, Black 6 dispensers / carton

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  • Diversey D7524179 Hybrid Intellicare Dispenser, Black
  • Diversey D7524179 Hybrid Intellicare Dispenser, Black
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Diversey D7524179 Hybrid Intellicare Dispenser, Black 6 / Dispenser

Hybrid Handcare Dispenser
The IntelliCare™ Hand Hygiene dispensing system can address all of your hand care needs with a versatile, modern and durable platform that is compatible with liquid/gel and foam products. It dispenses 1300 ml. (1.3 liter) bottles of hand soap or 1200 ml. (1.2 liter) of alcohol-based hand sanitizer in a 0.4 ml. or 1 ml. dose per push. This hybrid dispenser also provides an automatic switch from touchless to manual if batteries die before replacement. When the refill is nearly empty, the locking dispenser will sound an alarm. It also has a low-battery signal. Translucent window allows good product visibility without product tampering. Dispenser is made of reliable, ABS plastic that is scratch-resistant and UV-resistant.

Features & Benefits
• Patented hybrid functionality allows for dispenser to convert from hands free to manual in the event of battery failure making hand hygiene always availble.
• Low content alert informs staff when product level is low, enabling a “never empty” function
• Simple and intuitive touch free operation, complimented by an illuminated “Push” icon if batteries need replacing
• Ultimate versatility is achieved with one system that will dispense both liquid and foam products
• Robust and reliable ABS-plastic, scratch and UV-resistant body with no dirt traps make for an easy maintenance and spotless appearance
• Dose size adjustor allows you to vary the volume of soap dispensed based on end user needs

• ADA and CCD compliant to meet all of your facilities needs Applications
• Great for use in areas where frequent hand washing or sanitizing requires an always-available product dispensing option


Use instructions
• Place palms approximately 2” below dispenser
• Product will be dispensed within 1 second of sensor activation
• If “PUSH” symbol is lit, use manual push pad to dispense product

Refill Bottle Features
• Fully collapsible recyclable bottle that uses up to 30% less plastic/ml than conventional bottles
• Hermetically sealed bottle with no-drip/no-clog dosing pump that ensures content is free from contamination, avoiding the risk of bacterial build-up
• Larger volume bottle that provides cost-effective hand hygiene and minimizes number of refill changes
• Key-necked plug-in bottle, for a quick, safe and easy refill process
• Unique bottle design collapsing from the back to enable full product visibility, with a <50 doses cue that informs when bottle will soon need replacing

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