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Custom NFC Tap Cards for Yelp Reviews with QR Code and Business Logo

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  • Yelp Review Cards for Restaurants & other retail by iPOS Supply TAP n Collect
  • yelp Review Cards for Restaurants & other retail by iPOS Supply TAP n Collect
  • Google Review Cards for Restaurants & other retail by iPOS Supply TAP n Collect
  • Google Review Cards for Restaurants & other retail by iPOS Supply TAP n Collect
  • Google Review Cards for Restaurants & other retail by iPOS Supply TAP n Collect
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YELP Review Tap Cards: Get Heard on Yelp with a Single Tap!

Want glowing YELP reviews that boost your business? iPOS Supply's sleek YELP Tap Cards make it simpler than ever. Just a tap on their smartphone sends customers straight to your YELP review page, ready to share their experience. Say goodbye to fumbling with URLs and lost links - these cards are the review-generating magic touch you need!

Here's how they help your business shine on YELP:

    • One-Tap Access: Each card features a custom NFC chip pre-loaded with your YELP review link. A quick tap opens the page, eliminating typing hassles and boosting review count.
    • Brand Your Brilliance: Customize your cards with your logo and QR code, turning them into mini billboards that promote your brand while encouraging reviews.
    • Durable & Sleek: Crafted with high-quality, weatherproof materials, these cards withstand everyday wear and tear, looking sharp indoors or outdoors.
    • YELP Powerhouse: Unleash a wave of benefits:
        • Boost your YELP ranking: More positive reviews = higher visibility in search results = more customers finding you!
        • Build trust & credibility: Reviews act as social proof, showcasing happy customers and attracting new ones.
        • Drive sales: Increased YELP visibility translates to more website traffic, more leads, and ultimately, more business.

More than just cards, these are marketing marvels:

    • Customer Engagement: Show your dedication to feedback, building trust and loyalty with potential clients.
    • Improved Search Ranking: More reviews = higher YELP rankings, meaning more eyes on your business.
    • Boosted Sales: Increased traffic and visibility lead to more leads and, ultimately, more sales.

Stop chasing reviews, let them come to you. Order your YELP Tap Cards today and watch your business shine brighter than ever on YELP!

Bonus: No subscriptions, just a one-time purchase for a lifetime of review-generating power!

Don't wait, tap into YELP success with iPOS Supply's Tap Cards!



Getting your Yelp review link is straightforward, but it's a manual process since Yelp discourages direct review requests. Here's how:

1. Find your business listing:

    • Open Yelp and search for your business name.
    • Click on your business name to open the listing page.

2. Access the review section:

    • Look for the "Write a Review" button on the right side of the page.
    • Click it. This will take you to the review submission page.

3. Copy the link:

    • The URL displayed in the address bar is your Yelp review link. It will be long and include various parameters.
    • You can shorten the link using a URL shortener for easier sharing.

4. Use the link to encourage reviews:

    • Share the link with your customers through:
        • Printed materials like receipts or business cards with the Tap to Review message and QR code.
        • Digital channels like email, social media, or your website.
        • Verbal prompts at the end of interactions with customers.

Important notes:

    • Be mindful of Yelp's Terms of Service, which discourage incentivizing or requesting reviews directly. Focus on providing excellent service and organically encouraging customers to share their experience.
    • Consider using your Yelp review link alongside other methods like providing excellent customer service, encouraging organic reviews, and responding to all reviews (positive and negative) thoughtfully.


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