​Why buy genuine ribbons?

​Why buy genuine ribbons?


When you print with genuine ribbons, you can trust your printer to keep ongoing. You won’t cause any damage to your printer or void the warranty, and you can be sure that your prints will always look great. Printing with counterfeit ribbons will not only diminish quality and reliability, but it could even damage your printer!

Printing with genuine ribbons means you will never have any downtime. This is because cartridges are designed and manufactured to work properly with your printer. We carry Genuine ribbons for most common brands like EPSON (TM-U220B Printer) & Star Micronics (SP-700 Printer).


Because genuine ribbons provide a better printing experience, they can improve productivity in the following ways:

  • Reliability. You don't have to worry about your ribbon smearing an image or losing its crispness and clarity mid-print. That means less downtime for you and more time for other tasks.
  • Waste reduction. Because there's no chance of smudged images, you won't have to waste paper re-printing documents that didn't come out correctly the first time.
  • Fewer maintenance costs. Generic ribbons require more frequent replacement than genuine ones, so you'll spend less money on buying new ribbons if you buy genuine ones from the start.


The workmanship of genuine ribbons is simply better than that of imitation ones. While you may be able to find a cheaper version of the product elsewhere, you won't be getting the same quality. When you buy authentic products, you can rest easy knowing that quality control has been applied and the ribbon is designed to work with your equipment. After all, nobody wants their printer to jam!

Even if it seems like an insignificant detail on its own, consistent quality in every aspect of a product adds up to benefit your business as a whole.

Designed and manufactured to work properly

You want your printer to work properly, right? Of course, you do. That's why it's important to use genuine ribbons designed specifically for your printer. To ensure that your printer works properly, it is critical that you use genuine ribbons designed by the manufacturer of your printing equipment to work with both the physical components and software of the printer. Using non-genuine ribbons can damage your machine or cause unsafe conditions and will void any warranty or service contracts you may have on your equipment.

Proper operation.

  • Designed to work with a specific printer for the longest period of time. When you buy genuine ribbons, they can last longer than non-genuine products. The ribbon and the printer are designed together by the same company, which means that they can be expected to fit properly and perform smoothly. Additionally, because the ribbon is made from high-quality materials that have been field-tested for optimal performance, it's less likely to rip or break during use or printer gear to go bad.
  • Designed to work with a specific printer for a specific period of time. Although each manufacturer's product has a slightly different lifespan, you can reliably expect your genuine ribbon to last longer.
  • Designed to work with a specific printer for a specific number of prints. Depending on what type of printing your business does and how often you print—Again, this is an estimate based on industry averages; check with your manufacturer if you need more information about how many prints their ribbons will give you before expiring.

With genuine ribbons, you get the assurance of quality and reliability. This is because genuine ribbons are made from high-quality materials that have been field-tested for optimal performance, so you know your printer won't break down on you when you needed the most. 

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5th May 2022 iPOS Supply

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