​Thermal, Bond, and Carbonless Paper Rolls: Their Uses and Benefits

​Thermal, Bond, and Carbonless Paper Rolls: Their Uses and Benefits

At iPOS Supply, we offer a variety of high quality paper rolls including thermal receipt paper, bond receipt paper, and 2-ply carbonless receipt paper in order to suit your needs regardless of the application. Depending on your receipt printer, you may even have the option of using more than one type of paper roll. To better inform you so that you can make the best decision for your unique purposes, iPOS Supply will be breaking down thermal, bond, and carbonless paper rolls, including their uses and benefits. Each type of paper offered by iPOS Supply is unique and you need to have all of the facts in order to make the best choice for your individual needs. With that, let’s get started!

What is Thermal Receipt Paper?

Although thermal receipt paper may appear to be regular paper, it has various advantages. Most notably, thermal paper rolls are being used frequently in banking, as well as other industries, around the world. So what makes thermal receipt paper so special? Put simply, thermal receipt paper is special in that it is coated with chemicals which cause the paper to change color when it is exposed to heat. This is because the surface of thermal receipt paper is saturated with a mixture of a few different chemicals as well as dye. Upon being exposed to heat, thermal receipt paper changes color as the dye reacts with the acid found in the paper.

Additionally, thermal receipt paper also contains a protective coating which prevents it from fading when exposed to UV rays, oil, or water, meaning you’ll never have to worry about unexpected damage. This protective layer is also warranted with protecting the paper from being damaged by the heat of the printer itself as it is used.

At one time, thermal receipt paper wasn’t used very regularly as it was considered expensive, being used only on a limited basis. In fact, thermal receipt paper has gained popularity in only the last few years. As we noted earlier, thermal receipt paper is now regularly used by banks (thermal receipt paper is used frequently in ATMs) and thermal receipt paper is typically used to print the receipts that you receive when shopping at most any store. So what are the advantages of using thermal receipt paper and why is it used so frequently?

The Advantages of Using Thermal Receipt Paper

There are various reasons that thermal receipt paper has become so popular in recent years. For one, these papers are known for their good printing quality- much higher quality than can be found in the printing of normal paper. Thermal receipt paper is also well-loved for its ease of use with all other applications used for printing as you can easily align on this type of paper. Additionally, when using thermal receipt paper, you are almost always guaranteed high definition print quality as compared to normal paper. The print is always clearer and the words more easily readable. Finally, thermal receipt paper has become one of the most popular types due to the fact that this type of paper never gets stuck in the printer and is never directly affected by the printer’s heat. Thermal receipt paper is also relatively inexpensive.

What is Bond Receipt Paper?

Now that you have an idea of what thermal receipt paper is and the advantages of using it, let’s move on to bond receipt paper. Put simply, bond receipt paper is a staple in any office. Bond receipt paper comes in a variety of different sizes, depending on the type of documents that you will be using it to print, but the most commonly used size is A4. Unlike thermal receipt paper, which has versatile applications, bond receipt paper is only useful in traditional printing with the use of cartridges or ink. It should be noted that bond receipt paper, unlike thermal receipt paper, is primarily used in kitchen printers.

Another huge difference between thermal receipt paper and bond receipt paper can be identified by looking at the basic structure of each type of paper. While thermal receipt paper includes the protective coating that we discussed earlier, neither side of bond receipt paper has a coating. This results in a less smooth and bright surface than is found in the appearance of thermal receipt paper.

It should be noted that bond receipt paper can in fact be used in Impact Dot Matrix Receipt Printers only (Epson TM-U220BStar Micronics, SP742ME) when ribbons (tasked with transferring the image to the paper surface) are used to generate images or text. One disadvantage associated with the use of bond receipt paper is the fact that it is less economical than other printing paper types. This is due to the fact that you have to replace ink cartridges. That being said, there are some important advantages associated with using bond receipt paper.

What are the Advantages of Using Bond Receipt Paper?

So what are the specific advantages of using bond receipt paper? Put simply, the main advantage of using bond receipt paper is that it is one of the best types of paper to use if you don’t have a thermal printer. This is because bond receipt paper contains no traces of chemicals and is similar to traditional copy paper. For those without a thermal printer, bond receipt paper is one of the best types of paper that you can buy. Although it does require the use of ink cartridges, and ribbons, it is highly reliable. We sell Epson ERC-30/34/38 RED/BLACKStar SP-700 Black/Red.

Always be sure to identify which type of paper your printer needs. Thermal printers won’t work with bond receipt paper and regular kitchen printers won’t work with thermal receipt paper, for example. Make sure you are well aware of which type best suits your individual needs.

What is Carbonless Receipt Paper?

Finally, it’s time to talk about the last main type of paper offered here at iPOS Supply: 2-ply carbonless receipt paper. As the third main way of printing receipts for your business, carbonless paper is often sold either as 2 or 3-ply, leaving one copy for the consumer and one copy for the business owner. Generally, carbonless receipt paper includes three different layers: the coated back (which is white), the coated front and back (which is canary), and the coated face (which is pink). The coated back is the layer on the top and is where pressure is directly applied when printing a receipt.

Unlike bond receipt paper but similarly to thermal receipt paper, this layer contains a microencapsulated dye coating. When pressure is applied in order to print text or an image, little capsules are created at the back of the sheet, releasing a dye. This dye then forms a reaction when introduced to the resin and clay found on the coated front and back ply’s face, creating what some may describe as a “ripple effect” in the coated face.

Carbonless receipt paper has a variety of applications in a business setting. For one, it is a very versatile paper type and can be used in everything from notepads to business forms, including full-color and custom forms, in addition to blank carbonless paper forms in various sizes depending on your intended purpose for the paper.

What are the Advantages of Using Carbonless Receipt Paper?

So what are the advantages of using carbonless receipt paper in your workplace? The biggest advantage is found in the fact that it is a very versatile form of printing paper and can be used in a variety of applications. Secondly, carbonless receipt paper is viewed as a worthy alternative to traditional carbon paper that is not only biodegradable (making it a slightly greener option for your business) but is also stain-free. As an added convenience, carbonless receipt paper can be used to make a duplicate copy of an original document (whether handwritten or typed mechanically) without the need for resorting to the use of electronics to create the duplicate.

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