The Importance of Having a Reliable Kitchen Printer

The Importance of Having a Reliable Kitchen Printer

Picture a time before or after COVID — restaurants are back in business and are booming with an influx of hungry customers. People are desperate to try new, unique dishes or be comforted by their familiar favorites. They rush into your business and are expecting their orders to be fulfilled quickly and deliciously.

If you’ve ever worked in the service industry, specifically in restaurants or other food services, you can understand the importance of utilizing a reliable, top-of-the-line kitchen printer. On a busy night, orders come through almost without pausing, and if something happens to this delivery system, customers will not be able to get their food. You see, the kitchen printer is a crucial step in the food-making process. Here’s how it works: The servers take the orders from their designated tables. Then, the server enters exactly what the customer wants into a computer system. That computer system prints out the order in the kitchen (through the printer), and the chefs use that ticket to create the meal. It’s no surprise that it is not a good or pleasant situation if this printer breaks down or runs out of paper or ink. Writing down orders manually and trying to deliver them to the chefs is a messy and inefficient system built for failure.

So, how do you know which kitchen printer to purchase? There are obviously a lot of options that come up when you do a quick Google search, but we highly recommend the EPSON TM-U220B. There are several reasons why this kitchen printer is the best choice for your business, and we will highlight the most critical factors that make this our top choice.

First of all, The EPSON TM-U220B uses an ERC-30/34/38 Red/Black Or Just Black Cartridge Ribbon to transfer ink to paper, making it more resistant to smears discoloration. This is crucial when your printer is sitting in an area that gets very hot and humid, just like a busy kitchen does. Plus, the ribbon is fed through a cartridge that ensures the dot matrix impact can easily apply ink to paper. Having both black and red ink is also extremely beneficial because if a customer wants to make it clear that they do not want something included in their order, this can show up in red ink and make it easier for the chefs to understand quickly. Additionally, the font of the text is visually aesthetic, crisp, and easy to read quickly.

The next characteristic of this efficient kitchen printer is the fact that it comes with its own power supply. There is no need to find an outlet near the most convenient place for this printer because it is completely wireless. This allows you to keep it as near or far away from the kitchen as desired. Chefs want to easily see the printer and have it within arm’s length to grab tickets and begin orders. The wireless feature of this kitchen printer is beneficial for professional kitchens.

Finally, the printer utilizes a clamshell design for refilling paper (1 Ply Bond or 2 Ply Carbonless Paper) when necessary. The worst thing that could happen is running out of paper during a busy dinner rush. The clamshell design allows for the refill process to take practically no time at all. All you need to do is pull up on the lever, remove the empty roll, and slide the new roll into place. Within seconds, you’re back in business. The EPSON TM-U220B also alerts you when you need to refill by portraying a red error light outside the machine.

Every single business model thrives on efficiency. With characteristics like the ERC-30/34/38 Red/Black Cartridge Ribbon, wireless power supply, and clamshell design, the EPSON TM-U220B kitchen printer will allow for the fastest and best service from your chefs and other workers. We highly recommend investing in a product like this for your restaurant. 

6th Dec 2020 iPOS Supply

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