Glass Neon vs LED Neon Signs

Glass Neon vs LED Neon Signs

The funny thing is, LED signs were invented back in the 1990s. But they were a little bit more expensive than their glass neon counterparts, so people who thought they'd save money on electricity didn't get them. Now, though, electricity costs are going up but the price of LEDs has come down. Which means you can still get the same 100 foot-candles and great visibility that you would with a glass tube sign at lower energy cost. So if you've been thinking about getting a new sign for your business or home, this is an investment you can't afford to pass up!

Glass Neon Signs

Many people who have never heard of neon signs may think that glass neon signs are fragile, delicate, and expensive. It's true that glass neon is more delicate than its LED counterpart, but it's still made up of a noble gas. As such, it can be somewhat fragile when dropped or placed in a harsh environment (like the sun), but it's not as brittle as regular glass. So unless you're looking to purchase a permanent indoor sign-on that will have to withstand harsh winds and snowstorms, then the former is the way to go.

However, if you'd like to use your glass neon sign in an outdoor area with harsher weather conditions—such as snowfall or wind—then LED neon would be recommended over glass neon because it's more durable than its predecessor and lasts longer than both styles when exposed to UV light (which breaks down these types of lights).

LED Neon Signs

On the other hand, there are a lot of reasons you might want to go with LED Neon Sign instead. Specifically:

  • They're more energy-efficient. Although they look like neon, LED signs to use very little electricity, which saves you money and makes them environmentally friendly as well.
  • They're safer. Because they get less hot than glass neon signs, LED signs don't pose a fire hazard like older versions do and are less likely to break if they fall from their mounts. Plus, those who work on them don't need special handling equipment, which means that installing and repairing your sign is safer for everyone involved!
  • They're more versatile. LED lights can be made in many different colors, whereas glass tubing must be heated for every single color change—which means that LED signs can be used indoors as well as outdoors without changing anything about the way they look or work (but beware of exposure to extreme temperatures). Plus, because LEDs are also lighter than glass tubes it's easier to install an LED sign on all kinds of surfaces!
  • They last longer! Glass neon signs have an average lifespan of 10 years, but with proper installation and care your new-and-improved version won't need replacing for up to 50 times that long--or even longer if it's not exposed to direct sunlight or harsh weather conditions regularly! And when it does come time for repairs there's no need to worry about finding replacement parts--most companies carry replacement parts right alongside their products so all you'll ever have to do is call customer service or visit their website (if you've purchased through one)!

There are many differences between glass neon signs and LED neon signs.

When you're deciding between glass or LED neon signs, it's important to know the facts before making a decision.

  • Glass neon signs are less energy-efficient than their LED cousins, meaning they cost more to operate over time.
  • Glass neon signs also require a dangerous electric current and pose an electrocution risk if placed in wet areas or near water.
  • Because glass neon is made from tubes that are intricately soldered together, the design options for this type of sign are limited and expensive.
  • Although glass neon can be up to 80% cheaper upfront, over the course of its life a glass tube will cost 10 times more than an LED tube in energy costs alone.

Okay, let's be honest here: neon signs are so cool. I think that anyone who has ever passed one admires their vivid colors and smooth glow. And while I do agree that they make any establishment stand out, they're not without a few shortcomings—primarily, the fact that they involve an extreme amount of upkeep instead of being low-maintenance fixtures like LED signs. But before you go making any rash decisions, let me tell you about the ways that LED signs are better than traditional neon signs. iPOS Supply we have verity of LED signs to choose from for EX: Open SignHot Pizza, ATM, Curbside pickup, Pink Open sign, Pizza, 

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